New York Mold Assessors Inc

"The New York Mold Testing Professionals"

The restoration & remediation industry is  a very big family and here in the New York area we all basically work together to help our customers to overcome disaster restoration as quick as we can. We do our best on daily basis to make sure our customers never feel alone and to generate the trust they need on us!


Our customers & Clients:


  • Hotels in the New York area
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • Military Housing in the Northeast Region
  • Community Development Agencies throughout Nassau County, NY and Suffolk County, NY
  • Low & High-Rise Development Management Companies
  • Daycare Centers
  • Sprint Telecommunications
  • Environmental Companies
  • Mothers with Young Children
  • Insurance Companies checking on Rental Properties
  • Long Island and Westchester County Down Payment Assistance and Grant Programs
  • Architects and Engineers
  • MTA Bridges and Tunnels Adm. Offices


  • Happy Customers
  • Local Good Reputation
  • More Professional Training and Customers Consultation
  • Empower the customers with informations and Consulation
  • Help the customers with respect and courtesy
  • Affordable and professional services

New York Mold Assessors Inc.

Our Primary Goal:

Our primary goal in New York Mold Assessors as a mold testing professional is to generate the trust we need to work as a team with the customers. We beilive that the best marketing in any industry is a good reputation. We like when a customer can understand what we tell them about their loss and their recommendations for the remediation processs. Our work is more than a beautyful written paper, for us is understanding and trust.



Experience in the field:

When people ask for experience information is when i tell them we need some time to talk. I am the president of this company and i felt in love with my work from the day one when i start. I dedicate years of my life to document the remediation and inspection work service. I was an employee with enthusiasm and a very good will to learn and share information with the customers and co-workers in the field.


My experience start from the origin of the problem, the initial damage findings and their source, the remediation and coverage to the equipment and products to be used on the affected areas. No job is too big or small!


I personally like challenging situations and excell on the satisfaction of my clients with a positive and "can do attitude".


I like when they request me information about experience and whats the best way to go on the process because i really feel that they trust me 100%. I give them a choice and they always listen to e because of my experience. I don't let them alone to take desitions,i support them and help them during their research.


'My customers can Count on me"



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