Cavity Testing Sample

A second Opinion Is always a good way to go!!!

This is a few sample where a mold test is highly recommended. Before you sign any documentation from the insurance vendors you need to make sure your property is not been compromissed in any way shape or form. As a customer you must do your own research and make sure the work in your property is done properly. The help of a mold assessor license by the state of New York can help you to get the facts and have a peace of mind. The professionals in the industry must be able to answer all your questions and also help you to understand your process. Removing mold with out a license from the state of New York is Illegal. So' any person the works in your property must get a New York state ID and License to work in your property or they are breaking the law and you don't need to trust them. Cross contamination is a big issue and you must be aware of that. SO' make sure you hired the correct contractors to get the work done.

Consultation prior to the remediation process is always required!

Don't allow short cuts to get you and your family and property compromissed.

Wall cavity sampling importance

Wall cavity air sampling is one of the most rare air sampling method used on the restoration industry.



Insurance Restoration is dominated by the mitigation performance interest. In some cases when the (ASD) Apply Structural Drying Methods is used on a property depending on the building material an air sampling is always recommended.


Sampling Recommended of building material involved on a water damage:

  • Hardwood flooring
  • Moldings
  • Plywood Subfloors
  • Exterior walls Insulated
  • Moisture Barriers
  • French Drains behind walls
  • Wet Contents
  • Kitchen & Bathrooms forced Drying Practices
  • Crawl Spaces 
  • Basements
  • Ceilings on Apartment Building

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